Thursday, April 22, 2004

Bar Talk

Hi All!

I had a nice happy hour today at my local watering hole.

A nurse assistant described a penisectomy that she helped out with today. Turns out the guy spent too much time in the sun without a bathing suit and caught skin cancer and have to had his dick chopped off.

An ex-con, stereotypical owner of several motorcycles produced in Wisconsin described the many ways one could incapacitate or worse, an attacker without the need to pack a rod.

Squeezing the jugular veins was something I'd heard before.

But this one is cool, if you could pull it off. Chop the bad person in the neck, draw the right arm behind the head with your left hand and punch hard under the exposed armpit. Apparently this does more damage to the liver in an instant than I have managed to do to mine over three decades of emulating F. Scott.

Word to the wise. The best Happy Hour Buffet in town is at Ol' Mex. 3-6.

Quite a feast for the price of a drink. The clam linguini was particularly popular today. One tires of the old mexican food and the family owned bar is happy to oblige. They had great walleye fillets on Fridays during Lent. They even put out a pizza once in awhile. Oh, and the tall taps are a buck off.

Oh, and the trivia players are incredibly interesting conversationalists. Today there was a bus driver who is getting surgery for a shoulder burr tomorrow and will be out of action for 6 weeks. Quite happy with the settlement. On the other side of the bar was Dr. Who, a sort of savant, who finally was able to rejoin our little trivia clatch now that the strike is over. I offered him a ride home one night last winter and he honestly didn't know how to get home to S Mpls without following the MTC routes. We drove around for about an hour before he recognized a landmark. He works for an electronic recycling place. And you cannot beat him at trivia....



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