Thursday, April 22, 2004

In Mourning for Doves

Hi All!

One last thought and on to a comfy bed with a 3 warm bodies, two naked.

Awright, two little pups and my flannel-clad wife of 24 years.

Regarding the vital issue of the day, the decades-old debate about hunting mourning doves, I offer the following.

When I answered phones for Sviggum I found that this is a highly emotional issue, and I just don't get it. They be just dumb fucking birds and we got 'em aplenty. Apparently, a brace of them makes for a fine meal. But I think Krok is on to something with his recent theory of the sound thing. If creatures make pleasing sounds, we ought not ping 'em.

Related irrelevant point. Doves (as in the symbol of peace) are not related to Mourning Doves,
I don't believe. More like pigeons.

They do sound mournful, "owe WE owe, owe, owe."

Must warm the cockles of Pohlad's beef jerky of a heart.

I wish crows were tasty. The bleeding hearts would have no problem with killing them because they caw annoyingly and rob other bird's nests.

Bottom line is I don't get it why it is so contentious. I guess we are just too fat dumb and happy. Seems like this law is like rescinding obsolete laws like spitting on the sidewalk. It is widely done and not enforced.

I know for a fact that mourning Doves are taken in rural areas, and I doubt that anyone has ever been charged with a crime, so what's the big deal. Good target practice, if you axe me.

Note to Prince. Doves are incapable of crying. Good tune anaway. See you on June 17 for which I spent a decent private school's quarterly tuition on.

PS. New album sucks....but I kinda like "Peppermint Girl." Heard you are sticking to the old hits on tour. Hope so, as that is what is being paid for.



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