Thursday, April 22, 2004

Lay's Potato Chips

Hi All!

I promised that I would waste no further bandwith or storage or random and mindless thoughts, but...

I will settle down.


But for now, since the brain is still fevered, I will share just a bit more. As my posts seem to reflect Pacific Time, it is not really eleventhirty here in Flyoverland.

Was perfectly ready for bed, but nature, as they say, called. What happened reminded me of a very foolish thing I did last night.

The kids were hungry. We usually starve them, but I felt generous and went to a local Pepsi-owned tex-mex franchise to purchase a bag of goodies to shut them up and get them to bed.

While I watched my order appear on the drive-up screen, I thought, hmmm, why not add a 99 cent bean burritto?

This is a mistake I have made many times. Moth to the flame, if you will.

Short story long, I offer a word to the wise... check your constitution before consuming "food" that tastes good going in, but sucks going out... and wastes a roll of Northern, even if you wet it down in the bathroom sink before setting the tissues to work.

I wonder why bidets never caught on in America. Seems like a million dollar opportunity to me.



PS. I'm beginning to feel like blogposts are like potato chips--or bean burittos!

PPS. As long as I'm not (ha ha?) I may as well tell y'al that I just administered my periodic application of tolfinate to my navel, which has become as deep as a mine shaft. The fungus should clear up soon.

That should scare off the potential dates!


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