Friday, April 23, 2004

Nick Coleman Bashing

Hi All!

It's popular blogsport around here to beat up on the hack Strib columnist, and I prefer to ignore him.

But even 'tho it's like shooting a fish in an ice cream bucket I can't resist one interesting observation about today's sob story about the poor "scrapper" who walks 4 miles uphill both ways dragging behind a (stolen?) grocery cart overflowing with scrap metal.

Nicky sez that he chanced upon poor old Larry the Scrapper when he had to leave his desk and dash out of work to plug a parking meter (The Strib doesn't provide parking for its Star writers? Lileks I could understand, but not The Franchise!)

They apperently only spoke briefly. See, Larry had to haul ass to deliver his load and probably didn't appreciate being bothered. However, he just so happened to dwell long enough for Nicky to round up a photographer to compose a sympathetic picture.

Ah, the stories that fall into Nicky Jr.'s lap just by chance. And I thought I was one of the world's greatest bullshitters!




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