Thursday, April 22, 2004

Political Assasination of Rich Stanek

It's been talk-radioed to death, but I am still trying to read between the lines on Tim Pawlenty's sudden decision to politically off this guy.

There must be more than what has come out.

In my brief stint with the GOP Caucus in January 2003, I worked in the staff area immediately adjacent to Stanek's office, while he was still a legislator. Seemed a hard-working, nice enough guy, and he took appointments with lots of groups that subsequently called for his head.

His well-documented use of the n-word 12 years ago would not be enough for Pawlenty to yank the rug. Difficulty in getting him approved in the Senate would, to Pawlenty I think I know, only strengthen the guv's resolve to stand by his man.

There must be, as was said in less sensitive times, by my sainted granny, a, um, er, dare I say, "nigger in the woodpile" here.

There, I said it. Big deal. One of my ideas for this blog is to challenge readers with concepts and words that might provoke visceral responses. Otherwise what's the use of blathering like 99% of the others?


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