Sunday, May 02, 2004

Back In The Saddle, I Think

Hi All!

I've been sick as a pup for a few days, and am just now getting back up and about. Have a chronic condition that knocks me for a loop from time to time.

Reallly haven't even felt up to reading or listening to anything but I don't seem to have missed too much, judging by my catch-up reading today.

Soucheray has a good piece about the obstructionist DFL Senate, including some nice turns of phrase such as:

"These characters seemed to have arrived at the Capitol this winter with little or no intention of accomplishing anything except putting their feet up on the desk and sailing love notes to each other on the wings of paper airplanes."

Will someday learn how to put links in here, but if you don't take the paper, it's in



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