Thursday, May 06, 2004

Can I Plagiarize Myself?

Hi All!

It's not a hard trick, for as limited my computer skills seem to be, I can copy and paste with the best of 'em -- even without a mouse! CRTL+C, CTRL+V

As a nascent blogger who is late to the party, I am still not weaned from political listservs. Mitch Berg seems to have been cured. I always admired his posts to MN-Politics and the St Paul forum. He wrote/writes logically, devastatingly and sometimes verbosely.

To bring my vast national audience up to speed, an egomanical overstuffed St. Paul councilperson has introduced a bar/restaurant smoking ban, as has been popular in other cities lately.

I wrote a curt missive to the St. Paul list and drew fire from a famous local gadfly named Andy Driscoll.

It wasn't the overall personal attack on my position, but he touched a nerve.

If interested, read on, as I quote myself on my own blog!

"Hi All!

It's always fun to get Driscoll's goat to the point that he makes, um, personal
"responses" on-list:

I'm a big boy (too big for my health, I'm afraid -- second-hand smoke is the
least of MY worries) and I respectfully accept Andy's arguments.

But this shot really smoked me, to whit::

"Back to Kuettel's post (he lives elsewhere anyway)"


What are your St Paul Props, Andy? I was born at Miller, baptized at St Lukes,
confessed, communicanted and was confirmed at St. Mark's, married Laura and
baptized my three kids at St. Agnes, to which we still belong. Oh and there was
Cretin and St. Thomas. I even had the Last Rites at St Joe's but I pulled
through just to be a burr under your saddle. When the burr is removed, it will
be planted at Calvary.

And I've got two sons at Cretin and a Derham Dollie on the way in a couple of

When I moved to far distant Falcon Heights, all of 4 blocks north of Como Park,
my heart stayed behind. Which is why I participate in this forum.

When St Paul sneezes, Falcon Heights catches pneumonia.

Say and think of me what you will, I am and always will be a St Paul Boy.

Back to Driscoll's post (he lives on Crocus Hill) I dare say my neighborhood is
more like an "average" neighborhood than the tony bluff from which Andy looks
down on our sordid world.

All posted in fun, really!

I like all of my St Paul List Friends, although Thune has changed now that he's
got the reins back on some power.

To clarify my position, I wouldn't mind at all if St Paul banned smoking in bars
and restaurants. But unless surrounding communities go along, it is bound to
have a serious impact...maybe short-term, but just long enough to put some good
folks out of business.

If Thune is buying, I would be happy to share an adult beverage with him at
Mancini's on the day the ban goes into effect (which is never, if I were to
predict) Of course, Hell COULD freeze over eventually, and likely will. But
not soon.


Grand/Chatsworth (WAY B4 it was trendy)
Highland Park
Merriam Park
Far Distant Falcon Heights"


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