Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Disaster Strikes The Wog

Hi All!

For 15-odd years I have been a Merkur fanactic. They were German Fords imported and sold thru LM dealerships. The awsome BMW-eating XR4ti was sold '85-'89. The Mercedes-equivalent Scorpio was sold in '88-'89.

Very good cars, very rare, and very cheap when you can find them. Since '90 I have owned 46 Scorpios and 13 XR4ti. But I never had one in "car show" condition until I found a ricer-killer race-prepped beauty of an XR that I practically stole from the financially strapped seller.

Lowered, racing tires and chrome rims, intercooled turbo with adjustable boost, custom interior and on and on. Faster than Linda Berglin rushing to the cops to turn in a phosphorous fertilzer abuser.

Arrest me red is the color of the super expensive custom paint job.

Three days and 9 miles driven, DWI with vehicle forfeiture and jail time with more to come.

Moral, don't drink and drive, especially with an arrest me red barely street legal racer.

Saddest part of all is that my 16-year-old and I had plane tix and hotel for the All Ford Nationals on June 4 at Carlisle, which falls on my first court date. Plane fare non-refundable of course, but by the time the MADD Mothers/Matt Entena laws are done with me, I will have gone to jail, then to ankle bracelet, and over $20,000 in expenses I can't afford, and I lose my dream car.

My lawyer said I'd have been better of plowing into a carload of kids, as long as I was sober.

When I regain my composure I will have tales to tell anout our fine new Ramsey County Adult Detention Center, which makes that Iraqi place seem like paradise.




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