Monday, May 31, 2004

Don't Take Drive'n for Granted

Hi All!

It has been a long 10 days since my disastrous contact with the criminal justice system.

I hated being in jail. I'm over it and don't much care if they send me back.

I was beside myself having lost the new collector car. I've almost forgotten about it as it rots away in the impound lot awaiting an avaricious broker who will screw some poor kid who likes the look but has no idea what a mechanical monster he is buying.

My expensive lawyer is getting my arraignment put off so I can attend the All Ford Nationals in Carlisle with my kid next weekend.

Life is bearable.

Except I can't drive. I am driven of course....Driven ape shit.

Since I earned my DL with a '72 Bug, which I still own but can't drive, I have been an automaniac. Have owned over 60 cars. Attended countless shows. Done autocross.

I hate the system, I hate my life.

When this ordeal is over, not that it ever really be over, I am gonna start a non-profit called FMADD, as in "Fight'n MADD"

Was I an irresponsible jerk? Yes. Do I deserve prison and $25K + financial punishment, not to mention the hidden costs of not being mobile?

Call it denial. I just wish I had picked a lesser crime, like manslaughter.



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