Monday, May 10, 2004

Feedback from Abroad

Hi All!

Haven't had a lot of hits, but a guy in the Netherlands wrote me thus:

I have read with interest your Weblog. I was bewildered at your concern that Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld may be forced to resign. I believe that his resignation would improve the image of the United States. He would have been a worthy author of the book How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People. I think that President Bush should have reminded him that he was Secretary of Defence, not Secretary of State.

As for the shocking revelations on the prisons in Iraq, as far as I can see the only way to repair this situation is to carry out a full investigation, and to dismiss those who were responsible. Just finding a few reservists and privates and using them as Praegelknaben would not work, as they were there on the behalf of the army and must have been supervised by superiors. And Rumsfeld is, after all, responsible for the armed forces. He should have made sure that everything was OK. That is the job of a CEO. And if things do not go well the CEO is
subject to being being replaced.

I am getting increasingly worried with the developments in Iraq. The good thing about the United States is that this country won the Iraq War for us all. The bad thing about the United States is that this country is losing our war. And if this war is lost I dare not think of the consequences.

I hope that I have not loaded you with too many worries on the occasion of your birthday. On this day try to forget about all problems and enjoy it.



I shall publish my reply to George later, but I thought I'd throw this out as a typical European perspective.




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