Sunday, May 16, 2004

Forget Iraq. Fuel Prices Could Sink Bush

Hi All!

With all the attention focused on the Middle East, the festering "fuel crisis" is a potential silver bullet for the Dems this fall.

The average Joe simplistically responds to immediate stimulus, in this case, The Pocketbook. The dynamics of oil pricing be damned. Just get the price down.

You hear over and over, "Big Oil is in cahoots" "Gas stations are in cahoots." "Bush is in cahoots with Big Oil"

The stuff defeat is made of come November.

Irony is that even though an incumbent can be assured that the economy can be tweaked enough to look good in an election year (Save Carter, look at the history) Oil prices are a bit farther beyond control.

I still think the peak will come and go before November and that Bush will take the credit whether due or not.

Sure wish we had gotten the jump on pumping the Alaskan reserves. Gonna take years to get that sucker on line. Oh, but I guess we'll all be running hydrogen cells by then. Yah, shurr!




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