Friday, May 28, 2004

Notes From Ramsey County's Spanking New Gulag

Hi All!

I just spent two hours writing a magnum opus on my initial exposure to "Da System."

One of my caveats was that I would leave alot of typos in because my left hand is all mangled up having encountered one of thre prison's comfy concrete chairs.

That same maimed hand must have hiit a nasty key, 'cos 1000 sage words disapeared and no undo function could find them again.

They were pretty good words too, YAYYYY! (veiled KQ ref)

Now I am gonna take a long walk with my fake dogs and will try to reconstruct my post just as the surgeon has tryed to reconstruct my hand.


PS. Seems my high-buck solicitor is the Treasurer for Jim "the bar is open" Metzen. God I'm screwed.


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