Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Truly Scary Synchronicity

Hi All!

This is scary.

As I was tooling around in my mid-life-cure of a race car, the song "Slow Ride" started playing in my head, 'cos I was driving it like an old lady and just enjoying the scenery.

The radio was not on.

When I arrived home, went downstairs to check email, I switched on the bathroom radio which is on KQ during my morning, um, routine and then switches to 1280 until noon and then to 1500 for Rush et al, until the next morning, KQ, and repeat the routine.

So I turn on the radio, set to KQ, and the disk jerk is announcing, "That was a great tune by Foghat."

Scary stuff.

I don't know whether to venture outside or go hide under the bed.



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