Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Unfounded Rumor - Where's there's Smoke.....

Hi All!

It is way premature and only a bar talk rumor, but I want to put this into print in case I am killed and it were ever to develop into a real story.

It will embarrass me if it is a total fabrication, but the source is pretty good.

This is gonna sound like an urban legend, but here goes:

Dave Thune's smoking ban initiative was well-plotted out in advance, as was the prompt movement in Mpls and Bloomington to take it up as well, because the major cities have to
do this as a bloc, so as not to send bar patrons to neighboring suburbs. No word from Roseville, but I will check on that myself.

Here's the implausible, plausible part. Thune and others have been promised consultancies for the US Dept of Health and Human Services at nearly treble their current salaries without the need to workvery hard and/or run for office again.

I am not a black helicopter guy, and treat this as total B as in B, S as in S....




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