Sunday, May 16, 2004

What Browser d'ya Use?

Hi All!

I made my living for many years as a "Computer Consultant" which I still call myself if anybody asks. But unless the computer is a WANG, I am quite clueless. So as you might expect, I attempted to re-invent myself as a politician. Logical, right?

More than you might think. See, when Wang faded out, I decided that rather than learn new operating systems and such, that I would try to do what I thought I was born for.

It didn't work out.

In any case, In my screwing around with Windows, I have always been a beta-man, what we used to call a "bleeding edger."

I have mellowed to the point that I stick with what works until it don't and then I find something better.

Examples abound, but here is something that has really opened my eyes.

A few months ago I went to and downloaded their browser. When Explorer hangs, I just open a Mozilla window and it usually works if not the same, then better.

For dealing with Blogspot, I now use Mozilla exclusively. It is faster and smarter than Explorer and gives one the smugness of pretending to not be beholden to mighty Microsoft.

Now if I can just learn how to post pictures and links and lists of other blogs, just like the other guys and gals...why, that would be, as Bill Gates would say, "Cool!"



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