Sunday, June 20, 2004


Hi All!

With the Street Rod Show in my back yard this weekend, I am recalled of the recent annual Twin Cities Volkswagen Club gathering. And here is what I writ about my dearly beloved "bug" which can be viewed at :-)

Brief History of This Car

Purchased 3/72 by my dad, Frank Kuettel

I was 15, and learned to drive in this car --- mostly by waking up at 5am and stealing away to the Fairgrounds, getting it back before dad left for work.

Of course, he taught me how to drive it as it was his second Beetle since he had a '’61 for a few years.

But I never got caught practicing as a 15-year-old miscreant.

Y'’know, I think HE knew.

Dad got a new job with a company car, so the beetle kind of was handed down to me in the autumn of '72.

I was one of the few guys at Cretin High that had my own “ride” at that age, and if I started to tell the adventures from then on, you would need to purchase a book that I might write someday.

It was a year-round daily driver until about 1985, when I had the body restored and painted by a barn shed moonlighter in SW Minnesota. He spent a year on it, and the bill was over what my dad paid for it.

But he did a great job. The car'’s appearance has held up.

Yes, it is not in any way concours, but it the chassis, drive train and engine and worn out interior is original.

Hope to find a kind (and reasonable) mechanic to do all the “routine and extended maintenance” which has been ignored for a few years.

I am here with my offspring, Alex, Drew and Catie, 16, 14 and 12.

If you see them, ask them about dad'’s "“Beetle Stories".
Have a fun BUG In!



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