Thursday, June 10, 2004


Hi All!

Continuing my Baltimore stories.

I was always led to believe that those big, invisible bugs that buzzed every year on hot August days in Minnesota were cicadas.

Last week I learned about the 17-year life cycle cicada. Stepped on my first one in the BWI terminal just after debarking.

If what we have in Minnesota is Cicadas, it must be a different kind, because they come every year and they are bearable.

The Eastern Cicada is intolerable. You have to keep reminding yourself that your ears are not really ringing. Birds are fat as hamsters. Dogs eat a steady diet. Shoes need be checked before entering a civilized residence.

As we left on Tuesday, the din was subsiding and those little pests were dying off after mating the next brood which will not emerge until 2021, thank god.

Just in time for Reagan ceremonies. This great man has timing, even in death!



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