Wednesday, June 02, 2004

We Brung Him Up Right!

Hi All!

My eldest, 16-year-young Alex, went with some of his buddies to "The Day After Tomorrow" a few days ago.

As soon as he got home, he sought me out to tell me that it was beyond question the worst, stupidest movie he ever wasted money on. And that's saying alot, 'cos he's gone to bad, stupid movies before without feeling the need to share his opinion with dad.

To paraphrase Alex' review, the special effects were impressive but most of the movie was a boring endless, poorly acted lecture about the evils of Global Warming caused by the wicked Western World, especially the U.S. of course.

Makes me sick that this movie is gonna make a ton of money, but I will rent it when it hits Blockbuster, just to see for myself how bad it truly is.



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