Thursday, July 08, 2004

Grand Excursion

Hi All!

Well, I just had a consult with the lawyer, and I am paying upwards of $10K to be told that I am navigating upstream in the main river of Egypt.

The question occurs, whether any sentient human being in my situation would NOT be plying the Nile?

You will not find many of my cell mates from the "spanking" new Ramsey County Adult Detention Center blogging. As near as I learned, one is lucky to complete an outgoing telephone call to one's home.

"Abu Ga Grab" got nothin' on our new double-bunked stir where the jailers take particular glee in humiliating the rare middle-class intoxicate white guy with dumb luck.

Enough. I will mete this out in small measures until I decide It's worth confessing.

Shouldn't post when I am in mentally in a bad place, but there you have it and I shall now click "Publish Post" and forever immoralize my cave scratchings.




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