Friday, July 02, 2004

Quoted by Fraters - Have I Arrived?

Hi All!

My favorite starting off point for local blogs is the estimable

Another great blog, Shot in the Dark, ran a comment that I posted regarding the latest Laura Billings screed.

Fraters passed it along. My goal in life is to join the Northern Alliance!

"Oh yes, Laura Billings. First off, regarding Laura's claims about having 10 different false stories about her circulating about on the Internet, a commentator on Mitch Berg's site had this reaction:

I tried a bit of Billings fact checking on Google. Wasted an hour and could find nothing to back her claims. When I read the piece, my antenae stood at attention. Could she be making some of this stuff up?

"A commentator?" Well someday they'll be referring to me as "The Wog."



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