Sunday, August 29, 2004

Fair Flop

Hi All!

Man I was psyched to make my radio premier on the mighty 1280. Had run over a script of witicisms over and over in my small cranium, with the idea of doing a take on John Kerry.

When I finally got the mike shoved in my mug by St Paul, he introduced me as a special guest...a Kerry impersonator!

Poof went brain. Straight out of character I went. Babbled a few things in my own voice before the mic was mercifully pulled away from my babbling yap.

Lesson. Don't start your on-air radio career with a "bit."

Ah well, I DID get to heckle Mike Erlandson, who asked me if am better off now than I was 4 years ago, which I honestly had to answer....once on the bottom, still on the bottom.

Also had a nice to and fro with Chris, an articulate young fellow who rules the College Democrats. He was pleasanly surprised to engage a fat, middle-aged fool with an Exxon/Mobil cap and a USA t-shirt in an intelligent conversation.

Had fun with the DFL Vets for Kerry about their clipboard with, like, two made up names on it. Made that three ;-)

The walk home was something reminiscent of the Baatan Death March, but a handful of ibuprofen and a nice nap has done wonders.

I got my arm I dare go back after dinner? We shall see.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have eight more Fair days-- take care of yourself first. Go see Dennis Prager live at the 1280 booth Monday and Tuesday.

Just my vote-- walk back, NO!


9:25 PM  

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