Friday, August 20, 2004

Feces Hit Fan

Hi All!

Here's what I get for staying up too late.

The NYT has reeled off a 5-pager to discredit the guys who say Kerry is a ... a... well, um, less than truthful person as regards his military career which is the only thing he seems to be running on.

You might have to register to get the article, but I am WOB-sensitive this morning so click the link.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"less than truthful person as regards his military career"....And what about George Jr.? Perhaps even less truthful? If I had to be in a foxhole with one of these two, Kerry is without question or hesitation my choice. And what about their respective academic records? And who will be respected and listened to by other world leaders and countries? And who has a greater sense of social and environmental responsibility? And how will social responsibility issues affect you personally? Think you better pray for a change in power, even though I don't like paying higher taxes. Guess I win either way. Best, Darcy

9:04 AM  

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