Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Flyoverland MN Gains Fame

Hi All!

Laura Ingraham is in town for today's Bush rally at the Xcel Energy Center. On her radio show this morning she said that she was reporting from "Flyoverland, MN." I will need to do much research, but I am almost sure that I invented that moniker -- I have copies of the Wang Basic-2 Report dated from the early '80's where I had a regular column named "Report from Flyoverland."

I have also used Flyoverland, MN on email list posts and eBay items.

Looking forward to the big Rally. My ticket says to get in line at 2:30 for the 5:45 event.

Hmmm. I've seen the fellow in person before, but I think all kids should see a living president at least once in a lifetime. I've seen every one since JFK and even got a handshake from Jimmah Cahtah.




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