Monday, August 16, 2004

Herding Thoughts (Cats) + Reader Spelll Check

Hi All!

FLASH! This site is now feedback-enabled. So to test, I have published this off top-of-head and will award a valuable prize to the reader who can find and offer correction to the intened-unintended misspellings in this post. I will republish with kudos to the best editors.

Hold on to our hats, here goes!

So much too report, so conflicted on how much to reveal.


When I get chauffered to a weekend visit to dad's cabin, my eldest defers to my "Kinks" y musical infacutation on the audio system, has his driving environment, ie, "seat and mirrors and belts properly adjusted, and smiles approvingly at my infrequent but pointed observations...

Canoes and bikes tied down to a Subaru.... "Where's the Kerry sticker? Oh, there, right next to 'What would Wellstone do?' Awful lotta smoke out of the exhaust - guess it needs a tuneup. Well, at least they are a good rabbit! Stay 7 lenths behind and pace it. We'll arrive in no time!"


Why do people hate George W. Bush with such ferocity? I "hated" Clinton, but I guess we need to come up with more adjectives to define "hate" Is it always thus with political adherents? I guess so, and I guess that's why I lost two legislative races. Way too nice. Seriously. I will mail you my trifold if you don't believe it --I gots about 10,000 left.


A person whose opinion I respect has warned me that the words I publish on this Web Log will come back to haunt me on a witness chair.

I respectfully replied with the ever so trite, yet effective rejoinder, "Bring it on!"

Recently, I unearthed the archives of the Cretin Comment newspaper which I had alot to do with (humbly) in 1973-74.

I never realized how "conservative" I really was, relatively. Always thought it came out if College.

Not conservative enought to get the military promotions I deserved at the time (gosh I got called into the '"office" after every issue came off the press) but prescient beyond what was then my innocent understanding.

Babs Carlson, the outspoken ex of Minnesota Governor Arne Carlson spake often and thus on her talk radio show. "My name is in the book."

I feel the same way. If sharing my life experience can improve the life of one person, or at least temporarily cause some endorphins to be released and inspire, this blog will have proven its worth.


........Deleted on sage advice of expensive counsel......

If you snoozed, you losed. I suppose it's still out there in the ethernet. This is the part I couldn't help but leave in:

If I publish this, as it is only now a draft, I will be saying, BRING IT ON


Why do are Lefties so NEGATIVE? Worse, they cost the taxpayers alot of money to fight their assualts on commen sinse, desinsy, and the American Way? Case in point -- the billboard Nazis who are soaking the St Paul taxpayers for reparations to Clear Channel Communications. I don't give a hoot about you? Well you had better, because you are not only paying for those nasty things by buying the advertized product, you pay taxes to defend the left-elite who make well-paying non-profit jobs for themselves to stir the pot. Jealous? U bet!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are some grammar improvements which could also be made, but the spelling errors are below, as requested, and grouped by paragraph:



chauffered, infacutation, ie

lotta (slang, OK), tuneup (tune up or tune-up), lenths



if ('in' college)


spake (yes, I know it's old form)

prosecuter (2x)

jursitiction, prosecuter

do (delete), alot, assualts, commen sinse, desinsy, St Paul (Saint Paul or St. Paul), advertized

regards, ToeKnee

8:09 AM  
Blogger PK said...


Thanks for your corrections. You are now in line for a valuable prize ;-)

8:48 AM  

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