Saturday, August 07, 2004

Jews for Wog

Hi All!

I'm gonna slip this post in until I can flesh out a profile of a new friend whom I met late in treatment.

This very interesting and very unfortunate fellow was moved to offer my name to his Rabbi for inclusion in a part of last week's Sabbath at his Synagogue called, and I hope I get this right, the "Mishaberach" a prayer for healing.

I was deeply touched, and even as a crotchety old skeptic I must say that my health DID improve last weekend.

500 Minneapolis Jews praying for a dyed-in wool St. Paul Catholic. What a COUNTRY!!!!

As aforementioned, when I left treatment I was shake'n all over and could barely climb a flight of stairs without needing to lie down.

I can now dart up and down our house's flight almost as quickly as my kids. And I'm gonna buy a bike I spotted at Goodwill to see if I can start getting around a bit. It's an old girl's bike with upright handlebars and a three speed tranny. Best of all it has a soft, comfy chair and is easy to mount and dismount..

With my luck, someone will have snatched it up by the time I return with a larger vehicle in which to haul it.

I don't know if the Mishaberach pleading carries over from week to week, but I've got my hopes high.




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