Thursday, August 19, 2004

Lyrical Interlude

Hi All!

Sorry if this is taken as a WOB (Waste of Bandwidth which dates me, as there is really no such thing anymore) but due to life's recent circumstances I have to share an old Ian Hunter lyric .

'Tis a bit depressing, and I have no idea what Ian was thinking when he wrote, but it relates to me and my personal demon and trying to get my kids to 18 alive. The kids, I mean...well, me as well I suppose.

Since this lyric was written 30-years ago and old Ian is still going strong, I find some inspiration in it.

Do you remember when the '60s were an era instead of the average age of a '60s rocker?

Sea Diver
On morning shadows, you were ill-spent,

"It's time", you said, or is it time you went.

I tried so hard to leave you,

I tried to sleep.

The hours you keep,

Oh Lord I wish I could escape this iron veil.

Ride on my son

Ride on my son

Ride until you fail

Something comes and something goes

And something dies before it grows

And I'm like a sea diver

Who's lost in space

Sweet death embrace

Oh Lord I wish I could escape this iron veil

Ride on my son

Right on my son

Ride until you fail


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