Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Notes to Self

Hi All!

I wonder how far my self-aggrandizement can go.

This is a test to see just how much I can drive down my sagging web ratings even further by providing content not found anywhere else ;-)

Watch Laura and Ahnohld tonight;

Get the liver transplant paperwork done and mailed in;

Round up all the copies of Ian Hunter's "Strings Attached" DVDs that I have lent out;

Mark calendar for McCain's State Fair visit on Friday;

Smear Clorox on the moldy toilet and wash basin;

Use up pre-sale Fair tickets, unlike the ones from past years that I still have -- btw, throw those out. They are NOT collectable;

Sell those goddam New In Box Furbies on eBay -- you might get enough for 2 double cheeses;

Ask to "borrow" mom's Hummel collection to finance liver transplant;

Hold an "Everything's Free" garage sale. Reserve TUBS container to throw the rest into;

Take your pills;

Find a handyman to construct that tool shed that rots in the box in the garage;

Find a handyman to tear up the mouldy 50's "Wall to Wall" carpet and snap in a new laminate floor;

Work the Falcon Heights-Lauderdale Lions Fair Parking lot off Rosen Road, er Energy Park Drive -- world's loneliest job, especially now that everyone is back in school and no one is going to the Fair;

Post something interesting...



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