Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Oopsy Daisy!

Hi All!

The last post was just Mitch Berg showing me how to add links to my posts. Will delete soon but thought I'd leave it up for awhile for whatever reason. Like, um, asking for HELP!

Mister Big Guy of the Northern Alliance also helped me add a comment link and kicked my butt at NTN Trivia at Ol' Mex. Returned my jump starter. Thanks, Mitch!

Check out Ol' Mexico on Lex and Larp. Tell Frank, Greg, Mike or Bill, that "The Wog" sent 'cha Bountiful Free Buffet 3-6, 2 for one drinks 10-12. Smoking permitted, but lots of room for the nons, al fresco if you don't need to watch sports or play NTN trivia.



PS. Substantial posts to follow. Had a few days at the lake to clear my head of bad thoughts and fill it with....well, "other" thoughts which you will be wise to look for soon!


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