Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Close Encounters of the Political Kind

Hi All!

Just me here, seething with envy at all the attention the Northern Alliance bloggers are getting, but seeking comfort in my own local political connections.

Case in point. I was voter 143 in my precinct tonight, right behind 142, who happened to be the 7 term Minnesota Representative from my district who came very close to being our US Congressperson. We had a nice, "bury the hatchet" chat.

My two valiant campaigns to unseat her came close in '94 and '96 but we weren't playing horse shoes and hand grenades.

It took the 2000 redistricting to shove her into another district with an even More Senior Incumbent who pulled rank and now my old foe is teaching at the College of Saint Catherine and doing what all former electeds seem to do, "consulting."

Tonight's invitees for Triva at Ol' Mexico included the aforementioned near-congressperson, the former Chair of the Minnesota Independence Party, a controversial St Paul councilperson, a feisty County Commissioner and a conservative Talk Radio maven.

I managed to snare two of 'em anyway, and we performed quite well as a Trivia Team.

All seriousness aside, the mental stimulation of hanging with folks is my best medicine. I have felt somewhat the prisoner, by my illness and legal strictures, so it means alot to get out and swill some cranberry juice and kick ass on the Trivia regulars who anchor the end of the bar :-)



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