Thursday, September 30, 2004

Coleman -- I Call "Buckhead"!

Hi All!

As I rotted away in my basement, clad in boxers, not briefs, and certainly not pajamas, I caught the Coleman screed soon after it appeared on the Star Tribune website.

Immediately e-mailed the Northern Alliance and let the pros take it from there.

I don't expect the MSM to be calling anytime soon, but I reserve the right to pat my self on the back for this quick (and easy) catch.

From now on, any blogger that is first to pounce on a juicy item with "legs" gets to call "Buckhead!"

Then we can argue about who called it first, but if this term catches on, I call "Buckhead" on creating the term, which Webster will have to admit into their tome someday. "Blogger", "Blog", "Blogosphere" (run THOSE thru your spell checker -- someday they will pass muster but not yet) will get in there first, but I hope I live long enough to see them recognize this new and excellent term.

Am hyped for the so-called "debate" but it sure sounds like it will be a dual scripted campaign speech in which each watcher's "guy" will win -- in fact, they already have, so the only reason to watch is to see how wonderful/terrible your friend and foe will come off.




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