Friday, September 03, 2004

Constipated Computer - Move-On

Hi All!

In my old computer consulting days, I once got a service call from a client who reported having trouble with a software update. "The directions say to insert disks. I can only get three at a time in the slot. I guess I need a different computer."

Now I think I need a different computer! I've run Norton, I've run Spybot Search and Destroy, Windows Tune-up, etc.

Still, my trusty old PC-133 clone is running slower than Clinton's clogged arteries. I'm sick of watching the hourglass icon for minutes at a time.

Tried to post a McCain photo from today's Fair visit, but the computer just choked on it.

At least I can get this missive out before some major PC bypass surgery this weekend. Gosh I wish I had a few hundred bucks to spare on a new one, but restoring all the software and data would be daunting in any case.

Move-On has a nifty Letter to Editor Generator. This campaign is really gonna get ugly now that Kerry is getting cornered.

The Time Magazine poll is too much good news too soon.

Thanks to all the bloggers who covered the convention despite all the obstacles. See some of you tomorrow at the Fair!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am guessing you have spyware that spybot s&d is not finding. Have you clicked to update it? I usually have to run spybot AND Ad-Aware ( to get all the spyware off a Windows machine.

It's sad, but Windows is becoming too much a pain in the butt to even deal with anymore. I use Macintosh exclusively and never have any of these problems. I make money fixing Windows users virus and spyware problems.

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or if you use XP and installed the latest Service Pack 2, perhaps this is your problem:,39020396,39165428,00.htm

10:10 AM  
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