Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Dad...I Got in an Accident

Hi All!

Ah, the words a dad just doesn't need to hear.

Luckily he hit an SUV in the tow hitch so the only damage was to his car. And his ego. And his attitude. And his assumed driving skills.

Having become acquainted with the urchin's driving proclivities, I was very well mentally prepared for the call.

Cell phone, CD player, speed, tailgating...recipe for disaster.

Unless the guy he ran into develops a sore neck, I think we dodged a bullet.

If I don't have anything decent to write, it is becoming my custom to refer you to much better stuff.

This one is quite appropo:

pork tornado

I got nothin' left to say.

Kinda Rathered out, 'tho I just heard that the jerkwad ghoul is still standing by ths story. Cheese Whiz.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad your urchin had a minor one to serve as an attitude adjustment instead of getting hurt or hurting someone.

My wife is expecting our first child. Having lost a brother myself, these are the sort of things I worry about a lot.


9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know PK, as a dad who has had two of his three destroy four vehicles - it ain't all that bad. At least they are still alive for the beatings.

Interesting headline I heard about yesterday... "Bush documents phony, but accurate". The NYTimes bunch is really on the ball.

ECS - the only guy from group with a wife and a drivers license. ;)

1:13 PM  

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