Saturday, September 04, 2004

Fair Day in Falcon Heights

Hi All!

By way of introduction, I was raised in St Paul but have lived the last 16 years in bucolic Falcon Heights, home of the Minnesota State Fair and the University of Minnesota Agricultural College.

I took a couple of shots at running for the Legislature against fellow Falcon Heighter Mary Jo McGuire, but the latest redistricting melded our little town to the liberalest of St Paul's liberal neighborhoods. So long McGuire (not liberal enough after 14-years in the Statehouse) and so long Woggy Doggy, the loyal opposition.

A significant other of mine, well, THE significant other, has served on our City Council for about 10-years, but as I live in a house divided, she prefers to be referred to as "non-partisan."

Anyway, got to the Fair just in time to get on the Radio to tout my blog. Managed to give "the needle" to the erstwhile NARN bloggers by describing their efforts as "dry political sites."

As everyone who really knows me knows that "I KEED. I KEED!"

I chose an AM1500 hat to wear in equal good humour to tweak the AM1280 radio personalities.

Met several fellow bloggers, some of which I had heard of, some of which I regret that I haven't.

Don't ask me to name them all -- My weakest trait as a politician was/is names.

Note to NARN/1280 for next time. Two words: Name Tags.

Note to bloggers for next time. Two words: Calling Cards (that'd be Business Cards for those unfamiliar with Victorian times, not something you pay $25 for 100 minutes).

Had my youngest urchin, 12-year-old Catie in tow, who understandably was not very enamored of hanging out at the Beer Garden with bloggers. I had to wipe out my pre-sale ride tickets, so we did the hot, dusty Midway from end to end. Goddam I'm getting old (but I won't freeze and catch a cold - Bowie reference for Pinkmonkeybird. For so many years I practically lived in the Midway from morning 'till fireworks.

Today I just wanted to be about anywhere else, but Catie acquired a wide smile which was noticeably absent when I dragged her out with me.

Hied it back to the Beer Garden having exhausted the ride tickets and then some (10 left, with 2 6-ticket rides to go... arrggghhh! Those single tickets are 75 cents each v. the 50 centers I had used up.

Stopped by GOP HQ, steady stream of calm, composed people. Nothing like the virtiolic post-it note board at the DFL corner where the angry libs lined up to vent their spleens, often profanely.

The bloggers were still around, which frankly surprised me, as food and quaff is not necessarily a bargain at the Fair.

The festivities were breaking up anyway, but it was nice to have the chance to say goodbye to my new friends and headed out on my second Bataan Death March of the Fair. I must be getting in better shape, as the 2-mile trek went pretty well. Must have been the company of my precious baby girl.

As always, got the optimistic re-entry stamp in case I want to go back for the evening.

Will probably go back Monday, which is always a pretty good day for snatching up relative bargains as the booths start closing up and liquidating their wares. Besides, Dick Cheney will be there.



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