Thursday, September 23, 2004

Kommander Kerry Disses Allawi

Hi All!

I'll leave it to the major league bloggers to pounce on this one, but I can't believe how petulant, and really mean Kommander Kerry sounded in his response to Prime Minister Awad Allawi's speech to Congress today.

With a few thousand guns pointed at his head, Allawi proves he has balls of steel.

Kerry has balls of nerf.


PS. Our inestimable, inscrutable Senator Dayton boycotted Allawi's speech.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

who you kiddin'?

My man johnny k knows more about what's happening over there than some fricken resident of Iraq, because he's not blinded by the bush-squad pro-war propoganda machine backed by the Haliburton mind-control neo-con zealots.

John K knows all! Dope is on the way!
You can do it, Kerry!

;-) ToeKnee

11:03 PM  

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