Thursday, September 30, 2004

Lauwdest Conzert Ever!

Hi All!

There has been quite an active thread on the Hunter/Ronson yahoo group as to what is the loudest concert we veterans have ever heard. Heah is my story.

I have been straining at the traces to chime in on this one. We have all had our hearing damaged in one way or one time or many or another.

As a veteran live listener, I will offer my own experience.

First of all, Club gigs are by far more capable of producing harmful decibels than any arena venue, unless of course, you are seated directly in front of the loudspeakers.

FWIW, Here are two events that made contributed greatly to my middle-aged tintinitus.

6th Game of 1990 World Series when Kirby Puckett hit the game winning home run. Was registered at 100+ DB, very high pitched. Like a 747 taking off. Not sure if that's the cause, but my ears have been ringing ever since.

But that was not a Rock Concert.

Here is my nominee: Drumrollzzz...

October, 1977, Kelly's Pub, St Paul MN.

Opening act were local trio the Suicide Commandos, who invented the three man frantic wall of sound years before Nirvana.

75 cent cans of Special Export beer, a crowd of maybe 80.

Girlfriend (eventual wife) wadded up a bunch of Kleenex and stuffed the makeshift hearing protection in my ears.

The Commandos gave way to the Main Act, a new band called The Ramones.

We sat at a table about 6 feet from the band. Got alot of sweat off of DeeDee as he came off the 1 foot makeshift stage to perform a table performance for us.

I recently unearthed some slides of the performance. Now how to scan them in and prove to the world that we were there!

Next morning, I went to Midway Hospital, feeling certain that the Kleenex had worked its way into my cranium. Nope, must have fell out.

Got an earwax flush to make the visit worth the price. The diagnosis was severe temporary hearing loss. Honest to God I could only hear muffled bass for a few days and it felt like my head was filled with concrete....apologies to David Bowie's for his apt lyric in "All the Young Dudes."

To this day, as I watch Ian Hunter's Oslo DVD for the umpteenth time, I crank the 30-year-old Sennheisers until they start clipping. Huh? What did you say?



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