Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Lawn Sign Conspiracy

Hi All!

I have noticed quite a number of news items and letters to the editor about sign vandalism this election cycle.

Just heard from Laura Ingraham that it is a nationwide phenomenon.

Saw a letter in today's PP from Erik Schimek, a fairly well-known DFL activist, complaining that his car window was smashed because he had a Kerry sign in his yard. Huh?

I know that political signs get trashed. I will confess to having snatched a few AFTER elections for my collection which will someday wallpaper my garage walls like old-timers used to do with license plates.

As a two-time candidate, I had my share of suspicious incidents. Halloween night in particular wreaks havoc on political signs.

Just seems to me that the Dems protesteth too much this time around. Could it possibly be an organized propaganda campaign to create sympathy for Dem candidates? Or am I one of those stinky boxer-clad basement dwellers who don't know ANYTHING about journalism (sorry, I haven't worn pajamas since childhood) but I DID edit the Cretin Comment in 73-74 with my able assistant, the even then radical leftie Brendon Coleman (kid brother of old St. Nick).

Studied journalism at St Thomas under Father Whelan, Norm Larson and Dick Youngblood - the toughest grader at the school -- my only "B" in three years en route to a Summa Cum Laude in Business Administration with a minor in Journalism.

But heck, I don't carry a notebook so what do I know?

I generally don't allow signs on my property, as my neighbors know my mind and I know theirs, so we have a kind of sign-free neighborhood which is neat.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just came across your Blog. Father Whalen would turn over in his grave to see that you misspelled his name. He was not Whelan!

Are you sure you graduated summa cum laude?

What is your name?

Please let me know.

3:44 PM  

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