Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Speech

Hi All!

I'll leave it to the rest of blogdom to dissect GWB's acceptance speech in painful detail, but here are my two-cents worth.

The speech had a weird rhythm to it, as if composed by a team of writers. Every time I thought I sensed a Peggy Noonan footfall, the speech would go boring again.

The wrap-up was excellent, and if that's all that is remembered, it will be a whole lot more than anyone might hope to recall from the ostrich egg Kerry laid at the DNC.

All in all, IMHO, the Republican Convention delivered in every way that the Democrat Convention didn't.

Too early to predict a Bush landslide, but suffice it to say I wouldn't be surprised.

Health iffy this week, but will try to see McCain at the State Fair tomorrow.

For sure will be there Saturday for the blogger gathering -- even if they have to wheel me in. I hope the Beer Garden at International Bazaar serves cranberry juice ;-)



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