Sunday, September 05, 2004

Whither Hysteria?

Hi All!

Many cynical Minnesotans feel our local news is absolutely driven by weather reports: "A cloud was spotted in North Dakota...get gramma in the SE corner of the basement!!!"

However, the national attention paid to that semi-tough rain and windstorm that limped across Florida put our local media to shame.

Until tonight's 10 'O'Clock News.

I had the Sennheisers blasting the Hunter/Ronson Band with my air guitar guest appearance (gosh I'm more predictable than the weather) so I only watched Channel 5 on mute, but I saw a "team report" on what can only be described as a VERY pedestrian rain event which sprinkled the Twin Cities.

The closeup of rain hitting the pavement "near Roseville" was funny or pathetic, depending on your perspective.

So I guess the Twin Cities media can still overhype a natural weather disturbance with the best of the national guys and gals.



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