Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Gospel According to Wog...and a recipe for NA Shandy

Hi All!

Perhaps I have been proselytizing too much on my new Life Philosophy, "Health Realization."

Now that the Anno Horribilis that began last May is winding down and loose ends are starting to become tied up, I have rediscovered a missing verse from The Gospel According to Wog. It embodies H.R. with a slight twist which part of me still feels as I reflect on all the unpleasant authority figures I have dealt with... and that guy who wouldn't let me buy my car back. Goes like this:

We cannot see the future.
We cannot change the past.
We can only live in the now,
with an eye towards gaining enough power,
to wreak revenge on the sons of bitches
who screwed us in the past.

I think I'll tape that one on my mirror, right next to the Serenity Prayer.

Non-Alcoholic Shandy - a new take on an old British favorite.

Pour a bottle or can of decent ice-cold NA beer, such as O'Doul's Amber or any of the German or Dutch varieties in a 20 oz. beer glass. Add a 6 oz. of cold lemonade.

Enjoy this refreshing and healthful beverage. Ice can be added if desired.

Did you know? Orange juice has the same amount of alcohol by volume than NA Beer.



Anonymous paddy said...

As someone in the same disposition towards alcohol, may I recommend Kaliber, the NA beer from Guinness. My favorite to date. Somewhat hard to find but on sale at Midway Liquor on University and Prior

2:45 PM  
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