Friday, March 18, 2005

He Kicked the Bottle but a Root Canal Nearly Made Him Kick the Bucket

Hi All!

Well, your old pal the Wog spent this week at Saint Joe's as a team of specialists tried to figure out the cause of my latest near-fatal blood infection.

They determined the type, Alpha Beta Strep, but had trouble pinpointing the source. After a couple of days I thought to mention that my recent root canal tooth was bothering me. Aha! A C.T. scan revealed a small wire left in the tooth and going thru the root into the gum. Supposedly the dentist was supposed to give me an antibiotic after the procedure, but she said that the soreness would go away in a week.

Blue Cross might be interested in talking to her after they shell out, I'm guessing, about $50K for 5 days in a very nice private room and a battery of expensive tests.

Yesterday a nice fellow threaded a skinny hose through my arm, across my chest in down near my heart in the Superior Vena Cave vein. Now I get to hook myself up every day and give myself a dose of antibiotic. Wonder what else I could shoot in there. Talk about mainlining...

Feeling pretty good now.

Tomorrow is a HUGE day for me. Be sure to check back to see how things come out. Thankfully, it is not a health-related event. Hint: I have been facing this event with a mixture of excitement and dread since last May (archive might help). I am going to be very happy or completely shattered. Even odds.




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What was your self imposed price limit on the car?


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