Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Past is Just a Thought

Hi All,

I promised to write about my big day. I need to collect my thoughts and produce a rip-snorter of a story, but I'm not ready.

Suffice it this early report for now. More to come.

I thought that my recover from the latest medical scare was a good omen. I made it to the auction at which my beloved collector car was offered. With 500 bidders in attendance, there was just me and a scraggly homeless-looking person going nose to nose right on thru my self-promised price barrier.

Reason prevailed. The car is gone -- for now. Some day it may become "reality" again. Now it is simply a thought, and it doesn't exist anymore.

Got home and found that my IV plumbing sprung a nasty blood leak, so I have dashed this off while waiting for the nurse to come over and fix me up.



Anonymous mg said...

I too am attached to a number of cars. I am an MG guy. I saw your Mercur and I was impressed. I can't beleive you lost it.Who could bid against the origonal owner... The car world is a small one. Keep an eye out I bet it will come up again.

8:35 PM  

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