Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Slicker 'n Snot

Hi All!

Thought I'd celebrate one of life's little triumphs.

Took advantage of a good deal on wireless networking at Best Buy.

You will recall that I did my Turbo Taxes in 5 minutes then spent 3 days trying to update a required form. When I finally submitted State and Fed, my bank account got a nice boost in 2-days and 2-weeks, respectively.

Started going down the same route with my new router. 5-clicks to install my fat rump! Day one was doing all the troubleshooting possible, to no effect. Then endured the phone wait for Prakash and Mahboob who talked me thru all the same steps I had done.

As a last resort I tried a different computer that I had bought for $19.99 at Disabled American Vets (best thrift store there is). Turned out to be a decent pentium with Win2000 beta installed (as well as a complete copy of Office!)

5-clicks and all went as supposed to. Now I've got 4 PCs running all over the house and everybody's happy to not have to fight over the one.

Turns out the "one" is so totally futzed up with firewalls, spyware, anti-virus and all the viruses and spyware that got thru anyway, that the poor thing couldn't recognize the router.

As much as I hate House Arrest, I must say it is nice to have some time on ones hands to work on life's everyday problems.



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