Sunday, March 20, 2005

Terry Schiavo

Hi All,

I have mixed philosophical feelings about what Congress is doing today.

But a week ago today, I was dehydrated and until the ER docs could figure out what to do, I was limited to Laura giving me spoonfuls of ice chips.

I was crazy thirsty and that ice tasted better than anything I have ever put in my mouth. After 4 hours, I was allowed to have water and I spilled half of it on myself in my greedy gulping.

A couple of weeks ago the TV show ER had an episode about a 30-ish wife and mother who suffered a sudden and complete stroke. She was 100% cognizant but had no way of communicating to the outside world. She had to agonize listening to the doctors give her husband the options -- long-term life support or a risky new procedure to "grab" the clot out of the brain.

The husband hesitated while the wife was screaming at him to let her have the procedure. Well, he finally seemed to see something deep in her vacant eyes and approved of the procedure which worked perfectly and got her back to normal in time for the KARE 11 News at 10.

Incidentally, the machine that grabs these clots is a very new technology which my hospital, St. Joe's is one of very few hospitals -- probably the only one in the Midwest -- is now using.

Terry Schiavo's case is hardly the same -- or might it be?

Please read this story and no matter where you stand on this, it will give you pause.


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