Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Booze Newz from the Capitol

Hi All!

Channel 9 just aired a breathtaking expose' on having discovered, heaven forfend, wine bottles and beer cans in the Capitol trash -- er, recycling bins.

Meanwhile, billions of dollars and peoples' lives stand to be impacted by what is going on up there. Too boring to waste precious commerical time to do an in depth report on such trivia.

I'd like to hang out around the Channel 9 dumpster some night. Judge lest ye be...

While the report focused on Steve Sviggum (mispronounced by investigative babe Trish about 10 times -- its "Swig um") the only guys who got filmed running away from the camera were Senate democrats.

The way the story was slanted would have led you to believe it is a Republican problem.

No matter. Prudes rule in the Politcally Correct world of today. No wonder everybody is so crabby.



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