Friday, May 27, 2005

The Boy or the Scorpio?

Hi All!

Which to bring home this weekend? The mini bike definitely stays, but the other two are just so cute! Guess I'll squeeze the boy into the back cargo bay with a bungee cord wrapped around his wrist to hold up the remainder of the exhaust.

We don't want to leave a trail of sparks on the highways from Hinkley to Falcon Heights, now do we? Don't worry, I'll give him asbestos gloves. Gotta remember to duck the acorns that fly out of the sagged headliner whenever we stop. That 8 year old gas should be good to go once we top 'er up with the fresh stuff. If we can make it the 100 miles home I have new fuel filters and injectors ready to install.

He'll inhale alot of exhaust, but that will be good for him, as it has always worked for me. I really miss that distinctive smell which sort of permanently hovered in the air anywhere near the major arteries. Ah. Now that I think of it, the sight and smell of burning leaves came around every fall to stimulate the senses. Burning trash? Well, I don't much miss THAT smell, but it sure was cool to throw in a spent can of mom's hairspray and wait for it to explode, hopefully up out of but sometimes right straight sideways thru the rusty side of the ashcan.

The split-open can innards looked like the colorful NBC peacock that the rich kids with expensive new TVs could experience. We didn't need color TV in those days, and we didn't need drugs...we just had to blow up aerosol cans and sniff the air.

Well, today is yet another "Big Day".

I am fully prepared to slice thru the DMV bureaucracy like a hot knife thru margarine. All ducks are in a row, after calls to DMV and my insurance agent. The only business I need to transact is transfer of title, getting new tabs and plates and be on my merry way.

All I need to grab before I go is the "Yellow Form" which you get when you apply for your drivers license. I took care of that in March, figuring the new card would arrive by today. come to find out that the introduction of the new and improved license is totally effed up, just like the last time they tried to change. Well, I can wait as long as I have the Yellow Form.

The Yellow Form. Not the receipt from Roseville Auto Repair. Not the copy of the insurance claim for the Infectious Diseases doctor visit. Not the "intent to forfeit vehicle" form.

What fool what lose track of THE Yellow Form? THIS FOOL!

I've been told that it is no problem...that the computer says I have a valid license as of today, but I should get something at the Roseville outlet while I'm there for the other business.

The Roseville license bureau is, shall we say, less polyglot than, for example, the Midway site. I realize that "Cabin Opener", formerly known as "Memorial Day Weekend" might not be the ideal time to transact my business, but I am mentally prepared to stand behind the fishing license applicants and the trailer and watercraft tab seekers.

Looks like a pretty nice, albeit cold day, and except for not having slept a wink last night in dread anticipation of something going wrong I am bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and terrified and ready to roll! I hope the computers aren't overwhelmed with boat license applications. I'm sure the support staff is already "at the lake" like most everybody else who decided to hurry the holiday on Thursday.

Must really be exciting to look forward to being drenched and frozen to death. The weather of late puts me in mind of a cold Seattle winter. Frozen Omaha, cold Seattle. Gosh we love it here!

Well, gotta go. Will let y'all know how it comes out. Expecting the worst, deserving the less worse.



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