Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Cover Me Boys, I'm Goin' In

Hi All!

I have a whole bunch of lengthly and excellent posts blowing around in my cerebral draft folder, but I haven't pulled them out, because I have been so distracted by this, yet another "Big Day" in a year of Big Days.

Shortly I will be heading to the Phillips Wangensteen Transplant Center for an all-day evaluation which will determine if I am eligible to go on the liver list.

If they send me home early, it will be because I don't really need, or I'm too far gone to transplant!

I selfishly solicit good thoughts from the readers as I walk this life altering path.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

here's hoping you have a very long day...


10:01 AM  
Blogger Flash said...

Best of luck. Keep us posted!


10:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too many folks on the tx group line have had to have transplants from Hep C and other types of cirrhosis that did not come from alcoholism. It's a bit hard to feel sorry for someone who appears to make a big joke out of their DWI conviction and as said before whine because they were punished. Doesn't matter what others may have done or what their punishment was. You got what the judge felt was YOUR punishment. Sounds like you really need to do some real growing up before even being considered for a transplant. I wonder what your transplant coordinators and doctors would think if they read your blogs or website. They would not be impressed. Things like that can keep you off the tx list.Has to do with your state of mind. You have to prove you are serious and can be mature enough to handle the changes that will come. This is a very serious life changing event and there are strict regimens and much medicine that must be taken on schedule and IS NOT A JOKE. 17 people a day on transplant lists die because organs are not available. I'm sure some are on the list because they drank their livers to death. I didn't. My son saved my life with a liver donation. The Hep C patients still have the disease after their transplants and must undergo rigious treatment for the rest of their lives to live as long as possible. MADD is not a joke. Maybe if you had lost a child you would understand. If you want some compassion or understanding from the folks on the tx group, act like you care about someone other than yourself. There are many children also on tx lists whose families are fighting to save their lives who post on the group and ask for info. They don't need to read a post from a pompous ass like yourself. I really pity your family. Without a BIG change in your attitude, giving you a liver while there are so many other deserving folks waiting would be a truly horrible mistake. No I won't sign my name or email. Those who support you have no clue what the life of a tx patient and their families are about.

3:28 PM  

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