Saturday, May 07, 2005

Crossing a Finish Line

Hi All!

Well, I'm free in at least one respect.

Breathalizer Guy said he'd be here at 7am so I slept like a kid on Christmas Eve.

Good thing I didn't make any plans. Santa messed with me.

He called at about 11 and told me to unhook everything, cut off the Martha Stewart Fashion Accessory and put it all in a bag. He showed up, took the bag, thankyouverymuch and goodbye.

That's it.

So what am I doing with my new freedom? Blogging and eBaying. Would like to go to the White Bear Lake Superstore and see old pal Mitch and the North American Radio Network gang, but I still can't drive for a few more weeks.

I'll start to savor my new ambulatory possibilities little by little. I think today I'll just take a nap.



Blogger Flash said...

I wish I would have caught your post yesterday. I was looking for an excuse to drive out there, and this would have been the clincher.

Maybe Next time!


10:49 AM  

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