Saturday, May 14, 2005

Glammin' in the 70's

Hi All!

I've really had the blues lately so haven't written in awhile -- not for lack of material!

For now, enjoy this pre-Bowie concert snapshot from about 1978 or '79.

That's me and Laura (she still looks that good!) with friends.

Went to see Ziggy, were very disappointed to witness the birth of the "Thin White Duke." What a crappy scene. Here we were all glammed up (with 18,000) others only to find out that Bowie had remade himself into a well-dressed and coiffed lounge singer.

There is a fellow in the photo who anyone familiar with the House of Representatives would know. He's been there at least 28 years and is almost always on camera. If I gave out his name he would kill me. He probably will anyway if he catches wind of this!



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