Sunday, May 15, 2005

Headline Watch

Hi All!

Did a double-take when I read the following headline in the Pioneer Press this morning, regarding the approaching end of the legislative session:

As Capitol Clock Ticks, Anxiety Lifts

In my experience, the Capitol becomes a nut house in the final days of session as the consequences of 4 1/2 months of sitting on asses comes home to roost in a flood of last minute sausage making.

What the headline writer meant to say, of course, is that anxiety builds or increases, but in a tortured effort to make some sort not too clever rhyme, the meaning of the article is, um, "misrepresented." About 180 degree's worth.

Now I'm not a professional headline writer, but here are a few stabs at it.

Time Flies, Anxieties Rise
Lawmakers Play Beat the Clock
Lawmakers Wound Up as Clock Winds Down
As Clock Runs, Lawmakers Get Ticked
Time Flies, Bills Die
Tick, Tock, Reps Watch Clock

Ok Gang, your turn! Play the new hit game, "Headliners."

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