Friday, May 27, 2005

Kersten in the Crib, er, Strib

Hi All!

The rest of Thursday's commie ratcage liner ( I KEED, I KEED!) was relatively intact in the back of the 84H bus today. Generally you get both papers for free included in the soon to be raised Sack o' Jah Wee Ah + a State fare.

(That's a challenge folks, but read it a few times and it makes sense, perhaps. Okay, funky dollar plus funky quarter with reference to a tax-free Vatican City in my town. Go ahead and comment what a loser I am, at least I amuse myself in healthier ways than some)

Come July 1, those funny looking dollar coins wil need TWO states added off peak (that'd be six bits for you Nordeasters).

I have a bunch of New Hampshires and Delawares, but I'm coveting my Minnesotas. They are definitely cool looking. Good job, Commission! It only took years and countless bucks to do what my dear old dad could have sketched on a cocktail napkin at the Ramada after work for "The Mining" in that fancy new building out East on 12 in "the day".

He was in the Graphic Art department for years, and had a decent influence in the old 3M and Scotch branded art. I will never forget how he rued the fact that later management spent tons of money for outside consultants to come up with a plain, red 3M to replace the squarish one my dad had a hand in.

Did I digress? Yes.

It was windy with the window open, so the "A" section was strewn about, but I dug the editorial page out from it's lodging place under the divider behind the rear entrance stairwell divider.

Nothing much of interest there, except what was at best a dislodged bit of muck from the sole of an off-trodding mass transit patron or at worst, a bloody smeared-on booger (not mine, I put those on the crosswords for my wife to circumnavigate) distracted me from reading carefully the daily pearls of wisdom and truth cast from on high from gods of the Mill City editorial pantheon.

Maybe it was a solider bit of upchuck, not uncommon on the 16, but rare on the 84. If it was, it must have mostly missed, because it was only a little fingernail-sized crusty blog.

(Okay, only one last time. If you miss my subtle ironies, read something less purile)

Then I happened on a fairly intact Metro section in the row behind. Nicely creased and visibly cootie free.

Katie Kerstie? Columnist? Taking on the Archbishop? On 1B? With a jump to 9B?

Of all the myriad factors for begging 6 more weeks of therapy, this would certainly have been a deciding factor, if not for the fact that I read it on the 84H headed home.

Perhaps 12 more weeks might help.

Is the Strib really starting to get it? I sense a setup but Kersten is too smart to fall for that trap, ain't she? Have never met her, it seems that she has always written what I think much better than I can could, ever.

We shall see. That guy who runs the C4AmEx, "Pearljam" or something, was, after all, a Strib editorial bigshot in the day, so one must be en garde dost the acorn fallleth not distant from the oak.

Cheers and Take Care This Weekend!


Anonymous Anonymous said... I always thought the strib's employing a flatliner like her was prima facie evidence of liberal bias. the archbishop take was standard bad analogies and rote rhetoric.

great picture, tho...

7:08 PM  

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